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Cerita Seks from Christina Santiago, Playmate of the Year 2003
Christina has plenty of creative impulses in bed. And she wants to act them out right now.

I'm always ready for sex. I've had sex on the first date a lot, and I've had many relationships that were only about sex. When you first start seeing a guy, you're not comfortable enough to be forward. You think, Okay, I want to have sex now, but I don't know him. Do I just attack him? Now I have a boyfriend, and we live together. When I see him I want to lick him and swallow him, and when I want it I'm taking it. If he's too tired, damn it, he'll just have to find the energy. We recently had sex four times nonstop. He's the only guy I've ever done that with, and I said, "You can't do this to me," because now I want that all the time. If it's good sex, I'm loud. I moan and talk dirty. I love it when he's expressive during sex too. Make-up sex is great because there's a lot of anger and you can say,

"Yeah, you sexy bitch, take that." I want him to smack my ass. I beg him, "Baby, please, just hit it." Then I'll say, "Oh yeah. You like that, right?"

My boyfriend is the first guy I've watched porn with. It never did anything for me before, but now I watch it with him and I'm like, "Okay, I want to do that next." We're all over the place. I mean, we're always in all kinds of positions. It's like, "Missionary? What's that?" I'll wear sexy underwear -- a babydoll top or little butt shorts -- but he just rips it all off anyway. He's like, "Come on, take it off." A lot of people think you should leave something to the imagination. But why?


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