Cerita 17 Tahun - First time at Basement

Cerita 17 Tahun

Well I was 17 years old and i had just started to experiment with dating. One night i had my boyfriend over and we had been going out for a while. Well we played some games and some with my sister and her boyfriend. My mother was at work and my sister was watching TV. my sister told us to play hide and go seek with her so we did. My boyfriend and i went and hide in the closet in the basement. My sister was supposed to come and find us, but she didn't. After a while i grow impatient and told my boyfriend i was going to go see what was up with them. All of a sudden he grabed me and told me to kiss him so i did. We made out for about 20 minutes. Then i could feel his hands unbottoning my pants. I know he wanted to have sex but i was not ready yet. So when i told him that he took off his shirt and then put his hands down my pants. At first it felt kind of strange but then i started to like it even more. His hands were inside of me and it felt so good. Then he pulled my pants off my ass and went down there with his face and then i could feel his toung inside of me and that felt even better. Then he stoped stood up and dropped his pants and i Gave him a Blow job which wasn't the best because i had all that cum in my mouth. Then he started to carees my body and he asked if i was ready now. I told him if he was nice and gentle I'd let him Fuck me. Then he said ok. At frist he was a little nervous, and so was i. Then all of a sudden his Dick was inside of me and at first it hurt but then i was ok with it and he went faster and Harder and i had the most biggest orgasim. It was the best feeling. Then when we were done we i went up stairs and my sister and her boyfriend were doing the same thing. Then the next day he dumped me and i haven't had sex since.

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