Poligami = Threesome

The issue of Poligami is very hot right now especially when Indonesia's popular Aa Gym went public with his poligami decision. Poligami is the situation when a man marries more than one wife which is every men 's fantasies. It is actually a more mature fantasy all boys have which is three some. Well, poligami is in hot debate right now. Some agrees with the practice, others dont. I bet most men will agree to poligami! While majority of women will appose to poligami. Before you decide here's an actual story of a biy fantasy turned reality - Threesome!

This all started when my friend asked m to go trick-or-treating with her and one of her friends. She said to be at her house around 5:00. When I got there, I found the two of them in her room. We decided to talk until it was time to leave. Soon enough, our conversation drifted towards sex. We were actually having a great time talking when the phone rang. My friend, Kandy, left to answer it. Which left me and her friend, Katy, alone. We talked about having sex, and decided that we should make-out to start. We started kissing each other and I gradually moved her shirt up. She was a full 36C and her breasts were very firm. We laid down on the bed and continued to kiss when Kandy walked in. Without saying a word, she took off her shirt to reveal a set of 34B's. She also pulled down her shorts. Kandy climbed on to the bed and pressed her breasts in my face. Katy was pulling her shorts and panties off, while my fingers rubbed her now exposed breasts. Kandy pulled of her panties and bra and started to rub her tits while I liked her clit. Katy pulled my pants and boxers down and liked my dick. After she had done this for a little while, she sat up and put her pussy on my dick. It felt so good, I thought I was going to lose it right there. But I was able to hold it back. Kandy was now very close to her orgasm and was becoming more aggresive. She turned around and started kissing and licking Katy's tits. Katy, in turn started to rub Kandy's tits and clit. Kandy suddenly let out a loud moan and I felt her juices rush over my face. I kept on licking her pussy, but she was done and got off. Katy was now very ready to cum, and I was too. I started pumping my dick into her pussy very quickly. She let out moans of pleasure as we had a double orgasm. By this time, I was pretty tired, but was still ready to go at it. Kandy was laying on the floor and Katy had gone to clean her self up. When I saw Kandy's ass, I knew I had to fuck it. While she lay there, I laid down on her and began to pump her asshole. It was really good, and I liked it a lot. I came pretty quickly and she was very pleased with the ass fuck. When Katy returned, she asked if I would like to she the two of them have sex. Needless to say, I was very eager to watch two girls have hot sex, so i quickly agreed. Katy started by rubbing Kandy's breasts. Then Kandy began to finger Katy. After this was done, I had a wonderful time and would repeat it anyday...

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