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Cerita Dewasa - Kerissa Fare, Miss September 2000

Kerissa knows all the different types of sex, and most importantly, enjoys them all.


When I was on the track team, I realized that if I would do so many sit-ups I would get this incredible, amazing feeling. I'm like, "What's this feeling?" I later discovered that by doing leg lifts until they hurt, I would have an orgasm. That was probably my first orgasm, and I didn't even know what it was. I did so many stomach exercises after that, I had a six-pack! I was on the slant board, holding on to the bar at the top and lifting my leg straight out without letting them touch the ground. You have to keep your stomach muscles tense the whole time. It's weird, because you're lying there on that board afterward gathering your composure in the gym, and everyone's looking at you. You're like, "Wait, I'm going to rest here for a minute. Don't talk to me yet. Hold on!" "Kerissa, are you through?" And I'm like, "Oh, yeah," and I'd roll off the board.


There's fucking, there's sex and there's making love. All three types can be great. It just depends on whether both parties are in the mood. I like sex and making love. But I also like when he turns me over and does it from behind. Yeah, and pulling my hair! Smacking my ass. That's fucking! That's porno! I consider sex to be "quickies." You're at a party at somebody's house and you're both going to the bathroom and you have some quick little spontaneous sex. That's absolutely the best sex ever, because you're doing something naughty.

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